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Accufab MUSTANG THROTTLE BODIES (Adel Wiggins Ferrule)
Accufab MUSTANG THROTTLE BODIES (Adel Wiggins Ferrule)
In the past, the standard process used to hook up or connect the turbocharger or supercharger output tube to the throttle body was to utilize a short piece of hose that overlapped both the output tube and the throttle body, along with two hose clamps, one for the tube and one for the throttle body.  This never was very effective but it was usually cheap and quick.  Problems frequently arose when the boost levels went up in race conditions and literally blew the connections apart.  Sometimes this problem could be partially circumvented by creating some kind of metal strap between the tube and the throttle body.  This was somewhat crude but workable.  However, with all of the plumbing, hose, straps, hose clamps and the hassle of removing and re-installing the tubing during the between rounds maintenance, a more efficient method has become a requirement.   

Enter the Adel Wiggins Clamshell Clamp.  This clamp was originally developed for the aerospace industry where it is in use today.  The clamshell clamp has several important features which make it an extremely useful connector for race applications that are using superchargers or turbochargers.  First, the design of the clamp, with it’s associated ferrules and dual O-rings, will withstand over 140 PSI of boost, and that is a conservative rating.  And secondly, the clamp can be removed and/or re-installed with the quick release clasp.  This is accomplished without tools, just your fingers.  There are no hoses to “stretch” over the tubing or throttle body.  There are no hose clamps to unscrew or retighten (or forget to retighten).  It can cut between round maintenance time way down.  You can now work on your engine rather than working on trying to get the tubing on and off. 

The Adel Wiggins Clamshell Clamp, ferrules and o-rings are now available from Accufab and are sold separately.  They are designed to accommodate the 4” OD tubing found on most blower or turbo applications.  To make life really easy, Accufab’s new 90mm throttle body has a ferrule already machined into the leading edge.

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